communicate. validate. eliminate.

“weavix” is an integrated data sharing platform built specifically for the oil and gas industry designed to eliminate workforce inefficiencies through digitization and real-time communication between all owner and contractor personnel.

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Turn your ordinary workforce into a digitally connected workforce.

The weavix platform is designed to digitally connect the workforce by enabling optimization of the workflow, the schedule, the worker and equipment utilization and pre-emptive safety intervention through weavix’s robust platform and the digital badge. The badge is the portal to all field data that works in sync with the weavix platform to push and pull data from legacy systems, mobile inspection data, schedule updates and resources needed.

What can weavix provide?


Provides real-time communication between owners, contractors and field personnel.


Becomes the central portal of unification for the collection and transmission of field data.


Links with gas monitors, bone conduction headphones, biometric monitoring wristbands, and more.


Deploys vital messages via text to talk to each employee using the weavix smart badge.

What can weavix increase?


Wearables and GPS capabilities makes it easier to monitor workforce health.


Automated schedules, workflows and document management.


Employee communication through channels and network links.


All field data collected is available in real-time on management dashboards.

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