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Smart Radio 5.0 - 
More than just voice. 
No robots -
weavix works for you.
The Internet of Workers (IoW) is when people are at the center of technological advances. As industry’s first IoW platform, weavix™ connects every worker by delivering the power of private LTE and Smart Radio 5.0 to the field, empowering the workforce, not replacing them.


Connect Every Worker With weavix™

Frontline workers are the backbone of any operation, but faulty industrial communication systems have left them with outdated equipment, affecting your bottom line. That’s where weavix™ comes in.

weavix™ equips your workers with smarter, more reliable industrial communication technology. Our smart industrial radio offers clear, converged communication from anywhere in your plant. Now with talk, text and video capabilities at the push of a button, frontline workers can communicate how they want, while your work continues to run smoothly. Realize the true potential of worker-centric digital transformation with weavix™.

What happens when the worker becomes the focus for your digital transformation?

Communication Expands

Productivity Increases

Safety Accelerates

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From frontline workers to managers, weavix™ connects all levels of your workforce through digital communication. With a smart digital communication tool in the hands of every worker, report issues, push alerts, manage your workforce and more. Plus, it has never been easier. Transformation begins on the frontline. Digital transformation begins with weavix™.

The Future Field Worker is Human

Digital transformation is not replacing the frontline workers with robots. On the contrary, it’s equipping your teams with the right tools to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible. That’s what the Internet of Workers (IoW) platform is all about.

Your frontline workers need digital tools to excel in the “do more with less” environment. Before, analog communication systems kept dispatch in the hands of the few, but not anymore. Installing your private LTE network provides a consistent line of communication across your entire facility. With talk, text and video capabilities, weavix™ ensures your workforce is connected, guaranteed.

Smart Radio 5.0 is More than Just Voice

weavix™ is the future of industrial radio communications. With smart digital communication tools, your team can communicate in ways they want to, with anyone in your facility, at any time. Your workers will never miss another business-critical communication with weavix™.


Radio isn’t going anywhere soon, but traditional radio systems are too restrictive in the digital age of industry. Your workforce needs the flexibility and reliability that analog radios can’t provide. Through any of our industrial communication devices, weavix™ offers the same voice communication you get with radio to everyone in your facility, plus a lot more.


Smart Radio 5.0 brings the power of video to your field workers. As industry’s only video communication platform built specifically for your frontline, 1-1 or group video calls are now at the push of a button from anywhere in your facility. weavix™ connects your workforce in the field, offsite & the office from one platform.


weavix™ aims to put your workers at the forefront of innovation by changing how your workforce communicates on all levels. Texting, one of the most popular ways to communicate, is now available for your workers. Get guaranteed connectivity & business-critical communications with weavix™.

& More

weavix™ is revolutionizing industrial communication. With smart digital tools, you can communicate with your team however & wherever you need. We can seamlessly connect with legacy systems using RoIP. To connect your entire workforce, weavix™ offers language translation and dictation features, data interaction and more.

Step into the digital age of industry with Smart Radio 5.0

Guaranteed Connectivity

Guaranteed private LTE connectivity is the foundation for weavix™, offering an end-to-end solution that enables the deployment of digital tools to the field extending business-critical communication, collaboration and data interaction across the company.

Give The Worker A Voice

Frontline workers are a company’s boots on the ground. They know where things are and when things are not how they should be. By being able to submit field observations, your worker now has the voice they need to make management aware of potential safety concerns (Heads Up) or time-consuming delays (Hold Ups) driving operational performance and safety efforts further.

Mass Notifications Directly To Your Workforce

During any emergency in your facility, fast response is critical to keeping your workers safe. Whether it’s a severe storm, a fire or power outages, your frontline needs to know what’s happening and how to respond quickly. Mass notifications with weavix™ allows your teams to stay informed and connected in even the most serious emergencies.

Put the Power of Smart Radio 5.0 in the Hands of Every Worker with weavix™

No Matter The Industry, weavix™ Works For You

weavix™ is industry’s first Internet of Workers (IoW) platform, transforming industrial communication for the digital age. In a “do more with less” environment, equip your workforce with guaranteed communication coverage for any sized facility. No matter the industry, digital transformation starts with weavix™.

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