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worker-centric technology

weavix™ is a workforce connectivity platform that digitally connects the workforce by combining the necessary technology, hardware and processes to allow companies to be more efficient, safe and effective.

At its core, weavix™ provides an understanding of how your employees work and how to best leverage their utilization to reach greater organizational goals.

Companies that implement the weavix™ platform find that they reduce operating expenses, save time and money, improve communication, gain actionable insights and increase productivity & performance.


weavix™ provides digital and traditional methods of communication so your workforce is always connected


weavix™ delivers transparency of workforce identity, facility location and activities being performed to enhance worker safety & performance


weavix™ allows your entire workforce to collaborate and work together for a unified team effort.

save an average of 23%

weavix™ is a platform designed to digitally connect and optimize the workforce, bringing value not only to front line workers but entire organizations through the reduction of cost while increasing facility-wide safety and security.

what is weavix™?
save an average of 23%
single ecosystem platform
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single ecosystem platform

In order to fully optimize and connect your workforce, you need a platform that consists of these three main components. 


A reliable, private & secure LTE network with 100% coverage


A user-friendly, cloud-based technology


An inexpensive device for all plant and contractor personnel

the weavix™ family

Welcome to the new generation of digital workforce connectivity designed to increase safety, increase communication and reduce costs.


  • Facial Recognition
  • Gate Logs
  • Facility Access Control
  • Unit Logs
  • Biometrics


  • Remotely and continuously view confined space and atmospheric conditions
  • View individual air readings
  • Integrations with gas monitors


  • Fetch requests and dispatch
  • Channel messaging
  • Voice and video calls
  • Talk to text


  • View all data in real-time
  • Mobile and web dashboards
  • Customized reporting
  • Data anywhere, anytime


  • View workforce location
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Alerts for restricted areas
  • Location playback


  • Reduce resources needed
  • Lower cost of overhead
  • Utilization rate tracking through real-time KPIs

meet walt™

workforce smart badge

walt™ is a revolutionary and innovative workforce optimization personal device designed to increase safety, increase productivity and increase communication by connecting the entire workforce.

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meet wilma™

confined space monitor

wilma™ is a non-invasive, flexible, compact and user-friendly monitoring assistant designed to assist trained professionals, operators & technicians. wilma™ ensures the safety of workers by delivering digital connectivity inside the space.

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weavix™ App

use on any device

The weavix™ app makes it possible to access any data anytime, anywhere and on any device.


private LTE network

Our private wireless solution gives you a secure and dedicated wireless network that provides its full capacity for your workers. You can control which worker has access to the network and ensure that they get the right level of priority & performance.

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portable camera

winx™ is a portable camera with facial recognition, BLE and WiFi.


contact tracing & asset tracking

wisp™ is a lightweight, wearable contact tracing and asset tracking device.

meet fetch

Fetch is the new innovative and digital approach to maximize employee time and gain valuable insight of employee utilization and efficiency.

Fetch can be used on walt™ and the weavix™ app to request and dispatch anything from resources to materials without having to leave the point of work.

Utilizing fetch allows management the ability to see utilization rates of resources, acceptance and rejection of fetch requests and bottlenecks through configurable dashboards and customizable reports.

meet channels

Channels provide a quick and easy way to communicate and collaborate with the entire workforce. Channels is a place for management, teams, departments or individuals to share messages, alerts or files. 

configurable reports & KPIs

View live status and progress of activities and identify anomalies for increased efficiency. KPIs and reports are generated for a transparent view of any data in the system.

simple to set up

weavix™ is easy to set up and implement in both small and large scale facilities with up to 10,000 employees.



All personnel take a picture of their face and create a unique 4-digit PIN



Once personnel arrive on-site, they retrieve a device, scan their face & enter their unique PIN for identity verification



After completing work, personnel log out of the device and leave it charging at the facility

get started

If you are interested in working with us or want to request a demo, please send us a message or contact us using the information below.

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