Welcome to unity

Welcome to weavix™

The weavix platform brings owners, contractors and field personnel together through communication and validation to eliminate inefficiencies. We integrate the entire workforce around one platform so every person in the field can interact and communicate like a single company, not a series of different, disconnected companies.

How are inefficient processes hurting the industry?

Companies today are burdened by siloed, difficult-to-use business systems that complicate processes and hamper operations. There are six common pitfalls that plague companies in the industry due to inefficient business processes:


Work Validation



Lack of Insights

Loss of Operational Performance

In order to eliminate inefficiencies while also increasing safety, productivity and communication, companies must be willing to embrace technology that digitally connects the entire workforce.

Who needs weavix™?

The Owner

By viewing and collecting data from field personnel, weavix™ streamlines contractor time validation process to eliminate waste.


weavix™ collects data from field personnel to communicate tasks, schedule, location, biometrics and alerts and reports it to one centralized platform.


weavix™ provides contractor transparency by showing where workers are and what they are doing to validate how a contractor is providing or not providing value. Overlaying location with tasks allows for a true vision of accountability.


Information is consolidated in weavix™ allowing owners to easily eliminate the discrepancies by knowing the “who” “what” and “where” of field personnel and equipment.

weavix™ allows owners to easily connect and communicate with contractors and field personnel to meet their safety and productivity standards.

Saves Time and Money:

weavix™ optimizes the contractor time validation process by collecting and reporting current data in one platform, allowing owners to assess contractor productivity.

Building solid partnerships:

By providing a transparent process for contractors to validate time and productivity, not only is it more efficient for owners to know all the activities taking place in their facility, but contractors are better informed about what the owners expect, what gaps may exist, and what can be done to improve. This process leads to a better relationship between owners and their contractors.

The Contractor

weavix allows contractors to easily validate their time and productivity to owners.


weavix™ collects data from contractor personnel to communicate task progress and completion, permitting or material issues.


weavix’s™ time validation capabilities provide contractors accurate time reporting and real-time upload to SAP. The truth of validation is in the data.


weavix™ eliminates the time spent on re-work of timesheets allowing the contractor to get paid in 30 days instead of 120. Eliminate the informational gap that currently exists between owners and their contractors.

weavix™ helps contractors streamline their reporting process, improve safety and productivity and increase visibility to owners.

Reduce Administrative Burdens:

weavix™ optimizes the contractor timesheet process by reducing the process of recording and reporting time. With easy access to dashboards and reports, contractors can quickly identify gaps, facilitate open communication and promote transparency.

Customer Service:

Most contractors set out each day to provide quality service. They take pride in the work they provide and strive to exceed owner expectations. weavix™ provides a platform that drives synergy between the contractor and owner so contractors can easily justify their value.

You will never obtain full workforce connectivity until all personnel uses a device with technology that connects everyone, everywhere and communicates & collaborates on a secure and reliable network.