COVID-19 Solution


facility & office building preparation & awareness

Utilizing weavix™ as a facility & office building preparation, social distancing and awareness solution is the most secure and precise workforce health and well-being option on the market.

With workforce optimization at the core, and the ability to provide automatic facial recognition, in-depth biometric, health and location analytics, operational support and improved overall efficiencies, weavix™ can help customize a solution around your specific needs & recommended best practices for the safest outcome.

  • Peer-to-peer social distancing notifications & alerts
  • App disables when device leaves facility geofence
  • Beacons in office for location tracking & contact tracing
  • Screening questionnaire - form builder
  • Geofences with tiered hierarchy structure
  • Geofences that trigger events
  • Traditional & digital communication - video & voice calls, push to talk, channels
  • Wearable device

visitor registration

Visitors will give reception information needed to acquire a badge. After the receptionist enters the information into weavix™, the visitor will scan the QR code and download the weavix™ app. The visitor will receive a text to verify the account.


Once the visitor’s account is verified, the weavix™ app will deploy a COVID screening questionnaire.


After the screening questionnaire is completed, the visitor’s answers are captured and analyzed in weavix™. If all answers meet company stipulations, then the visitor is clear to remain in the facility.


The weavix™ app displays the visitor’s information, monitors their location and disables when the visitor leaves the premises. No other weavix™ functionality is provided to visitors.



employee registration

Registering employees can be accomplished in three easy steps.

  • Import employee list via CSV into weavix™
  • All imported employees will receive an email with instructions on how to download the weavix™ app and register
  • Reports will be generated to show the employees who have and have not signed into the app

social distancing overview

weavix™ gives you up-to-the-moment data on the proximity and concentration (not just capacity) of everyone at your location using real-time tracking of employee interactions, allowing you to create a distance-friendly environment in today’s new normal. 

The weavix™ COVID-19 Social Distancing Solution works to protect employees and promote an effective & compliant workforce. weavix™ monitors movements and alerts employees when other employees are closer than 6ft. All data is compiled and analyzed to deliver a detailed history of proximity events and interactions to aid contact tracing.

Non-invasive and small beacons placed throughout the office gather data from the weavix™ app on mobile devices

The weavix™ beacons measure how employees flow in and through, where and how long they stay, and who they interact with

The weavix™ platform accumulates data from all beacons, providing a unified view across the office in real-time

wisp™ is a small lightweight contact tracing and asset tracking device managed from the weavix™ platform that can be used by industry to support the health and safety of the workforce and ensure a level of comfortability to employees as they return to work.

wearable device

wisp™ is a small lightweight contact tracing and asset tracking device managed from the weavix™ platform that can be used by industry to support the health and safety of the workforce and ensure a level of comfortability to employees as they return to work. Most importantly, if an infection does occur, wisp™ can help control the spread. wisp™ works to prevent outbreaks in facilities by quickly and accurately identifying close interactions between employees so potentially exposed employees can be isolated and tested.

wisp™ can also help reinforce social distancing in the facility by diligently providing employees a reminder to maintain the proper distance and allow companies to monitor overall adherence and interactions through real-time dashboards and reports. wisp™ collects and communicates data in a peer to peer fashion between contact tracing devices worn by employees. wisp™ enforces social distancing, easily provides contact tracing tracking data and immediately identifies potential employee exposure.

wisp™ is scalable for any size of workforce and appropriate for all kinds of locations, such as oil & gas facilities, manufacturing, warehouses, construction sites, hospitals, schools, etc.

  • one1 Employees wear the discrete wisp™ device, which monitors the distance from other devices. The weavix™ platform measures the distance between devices.
  • two2 When an employee comes within a predetermined distance of a device, date, time and duration of interactions that violate social distancing protocols are captured in weavix™
  • three3 Every interaction of close contact that an employee’s wisp™ has with devices running the weavix™ app can be displayed in real-time dashboards and reports that can be viewed anytime, anywhere and configured to each customers specifications.
Should potential illness occur, it’s easy to identify employees who have had close contact with the infected individual. This allows companies to take action quickly and follow recommended protocols to curtail infection spread.

how it works

  • Beacons are discreetly placed throughout the office to create an environment capable of capturing all interactions.
  • Beacons have a configurable range to adequately cover all office configurations and placed 30m apart.
  • Beacon battery life averages 3 – 5 years.
  • Assign beacon names and building-level location for a detailed exposure report.
  • Ability to add/delete and name beacons on mobile device.
  • Easily configure beacons and interaction thresholds.

The weavix™ app notifies office personal by vibration and audible alarms when they have entered a radius less than 6ft of another employee.

Employees can view in the weavix™ app current interactions to determine if they are operating within social distancing guidelines.

Monitor social distancing in the workplace using the weavix™ COVID-19 solution

social distancing & dashboards

This dashboard shows the number of employees in a location and the square feet of the area to find high-density areas where social distancing may be difficult to enforce.

COVID-19 exposure report

If an employee has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, it is important to know who has been in contact with that employee to prevent further spread of the virus.

This report will show which workers have been exposed based on GPS monitoring and geofences.

weavix™ uses contact tracing to track COVID-19 exposures in your workplace

in the field

The weavix™ COVID – 19 solution, in partnership with NOKIA™, is the most secure and precise workforce health and well-being solution on the market. Thermometric Scanning and Analytics can detect temperatures within 0.3°C of accuracy in groupings of up to 30 people without the need for human contact. Screening infrastructure is brought onsite and set up in front of the facility gate.

touchless temperature readings & daily outlook dashboard

Before work begins, employees will have their temperature taken using touch-less technology. Based on predetermined thresholds, the temperature will register as passed or pending.

Passed means the employee is cleared to begin work. Pending means the employee’s temperature was outside the acceptable range and they will be screened again by medical staff on site. If medical staff decides the employee is not well enough to work, they will flag that employee as failed in weavix™

user activity report

This report provides management a daily view of employee compliance. It helps manage the effectiveness of the company’s COVID solution.