facility preparation & awareness

The weavix™ COVID – 19 solution, in partnership with NOKIA™, is the most secure and precise workforce health and wellbing solution on the market. Thermometric Scanning and Analytics can detect teperatures within 0.3°C of accuracy in groupings of up to 30 people without the need for human contact.

With workforce optimization at the core, and the ability to provide automatic facial recognition, in-depth bio-metric, health and location analytics, operational support and improved overall efficiencies, weavix™ can help customize a solution around your specific needs & recommended best practices for the safest outcome. Screening infrastructure is brought onsite and set up in front of facility gate.

touchless temperature readings & daily outlook dashboard

Before work begins, employees will have thier temperature taken using touchless technology. Based on predetermined thresholds, the temperature will register as passed or pending.

Passed means the employee is cleared to begin work. Pending means the employee’s temperature was outside the acceptable range and they will be screened again by medical staff on site. If medical staff decides the employee is not well enough to work, they will flag that employee as failed in weavix™

social distancing & dashboards

This dashboard shows the number of employees in a location and the square feet of the area in order to find high-density areas where social distancing may be difficult to enforce.

covid-19 exposure report

If an employee has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, it is important to know who has been in contact with that employee to prevent further spread of the virus.

This report will show which workers have been exposed based on GPS monitoring and geofences.