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Digital Tools

Put the power in your worker’s hands

The Power Of Smart Radio 5.0 In The Hands Of Your Workforce

When your frontline workers have the ability to contact anyone in the facility from wherever they are, you’re equipping your workers with the right tools. With weavix, your teams can communicate to streamline day-to-day operations with any of our industrial communication devices. In our “do more with less” work environment, it’s more important than ever to have a flexible and agile workforce.

Experience the weavix™ difference with our walt™ smart radio, or choose from our line of digital tools for each of your workers.


rugged & affordable smart radio

walt is the first industry-ready, affordable smart radio built for the field. By equipping your workforce with limitless channels and converged communication features, walt revolutionizes industrial communication for the digital age. Providing never-before-seen video capabilities and logistics data acquisition, walt™ is the digital teammate your team needs.

weavix™ Certified Device

purpose-built device that runs on weavix™ OS

Experience the full functionality of weavix™ on one of our certified devices. What looks like a regular cellphone has been converted into the ultimate industrial communication device. The weavix™ OS only allows the device to run the weavix™ Mobile App or other company-issued applications. 

weavix™ Mobile Application

the full functionality of weavix™ on any mobile device

A great feature for all levels of your workforce, the weavix™ mobile app lets you stay connected wherever you have your personal or business mobile device. Whether you’re across the jobsite or across the globe, communicate with your team in a clear and efficient way. Get the full functionality of weavix™ in your pocket with our mobile app.


network extender with remote video monitoring & gas detection

wilma™ is the weather-proof, innovative, compact and user-friendly monitoring assistant designed to extend network connection and provides real-time monitoring of confined spaces at anytime, from anywhere on any device.

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A workforce of 40 workers can accomplish the same amount of work in the same amount of time as 63 workers when individual worker productivity increases by 20%