Mobile Badge

The portal of information

is the badge

The weavix badge is a small digital device that takes place of the traditional employee badge. This badge has the ability to push and pull data from legacy systems, mobile inspection data, schedules and resources as needed (tools, materials, equipment), weavix turns the ordinary workforce into a digitally connected workforce.

Badge Features

Location and density of entire workforce

Hole entrant biometric monitoring & communication

Confined space attendant mobile dashboard

Real time data sent to dashboards

Ability to send "SOS" & emergency alerts

Communication with entire workforce

Equipment location and usage

Notification of geofence enter and exit

Worker blood pressure monitoring

Worker heart rate monitoring

Workforce time sheet validation

Time on tools in designated work areas

The Locate Solution

weavix’s locate solution is the answer that eliminates workforce ineficiencies through rea-time communication between owners and contractors to create workforce optimization. Locate allows the ability to automate timesheet logs by creating geo-fences around all or specific areas of a facility to provide real-time tracking of individuals through the “smart” badge.

Automatic logging of when workers enter and exit geofences  creates validation of time for each entity. Setting rules that trigger alerts optimizes craftsman in a work area and provides real-time progress reports. weavix is the only platform that can deliver true workforce optimization by breaking down communication barriers, validating time and provide real value by eliminating waste.

The Safety Solution

The weavix badge transmits entrants biometrics (heart rate & blood pressure) and atmospheric conditions to the attendant’s dashboard.

The Attendants dashboard displays;

  • Entrants name, check in & check out time
  • Entrants biometrics & air conditions
  • Scans QR code on hole to signify entrants location
  • Easily outomates air conditions and time logs
  • Communication and dispatch (Text to talk & SOS alerts)
  • Order items needed without leaving location
  • Air monitor limitations

The management dashboard;

  • Has ability to see all attendant dashboards
  • Real-time reports of open and closed confined spaces on map
  • Real-time reports of all entrants air conditions & biometrics
  • Know who is in what hole
  • Talk to text& SOS alerts
  • See what type of work is being performed and where on map