The portal of information

is the device

The weavix device takes place of the traditional employee badge. This device can push and pull data from legacy systems, mobile inspection data, schedules and resources as needed (tools, materials, equipment), weavix turns the ordinary workforce into a digitally connected workforce.

Digital connectivity smart device

Why it's important that all personnel have a device

When data stops, it is impossible to receive important information on the performance of the workforce, actual time spent in work area and health of the individual worker.

In order to truly connect your workforce, you need a device for all personnel that:

  • Is affordable
  • Has geofencing capabilities
  • Rugged, waterproof, intrinsically safe
  • Proprietary software designed for the worker
  • Integrations
  • Easy to use / setup
  • Custom hardware features
  • Connects to a proprietary network

Device Features

Location and density of entire workforce

Hole entrant biometric monitoring & communication

Confined space attendant mobile dashboard

Real time data sent to dashboards

Ability to send "SOS" & emergency alerts

Communication with entire workforce

Equipment location and usage

Notification of geofence enter and exit

Worker vitals monitoring

Worker heart rate monitoring

Workforce time sheet validation

Time on tools in designated work areas

What the weavix™ device provides

Increased Communication

  • All plant and contractor personnel are assigned a smart device
  • Communicate through specific channels to instantly deploy messages via talk to text
  • Prioritized message capabilities
  • Ability to request resources, materials and tools to point of work
  • Reduction of radio traffic
  • Feedback from personnel

Increased Safety

  • Monitor the health of workers by triggering alerts for gas detection, biometric health issues and when a worker enters a restricted area
  • Provide location of entire workforce at any given time and know if workers have reached locations
  • An SOS button for a man-down situation or emergency
  • Provide data on health of workforce through integrations
  • Dedicated channel to alert of potential hazards
  • Real-time communication & atmosphere readings for entrants in a confined space

How the smart device increases communication


  • Real-time message notifications appear on home screen
  • Create grouped or individual channels with permissions and message flows
  • Talk to text for quick message creation and delivery


  • Choose the request option from the device menu
  • Select which resource, item or material you need to request
  • Press the side button on the device to send request to appropriate channel


  • Seamless communication and integration with the device
  • Monitor heart rate and blood pressure through weather proof bio-metric wrist band
  • Alerts are color coded and set from a predetermined range. HIPA laws are not violated due to no storage of actual metrics
  • Easily communicate in loud environments with bone conduction headphones
Continuous Monitoring Assistant

wilma™ is a continuous and remote monitoring device for critical confined spaces. It provides:

  • Live video of manway
  • Connectivity of workers  inside confined spaces
  • Remote access to air readings inside the confined space for operators

The worker carries wilma™ with them to the work location.


The worker places wilma™ outside the manway and connects the cameras.


wilma™ continuously monitors the air readings inside the confined space and provides a live video feed of the manway.

The air readings and live video feeds are displayed on the operators dashboard.