The weavix™ Network

The weavix™ private LTE network lets you use one network for all your mission and business-critical applications. It provides a platform for using digital transformation to take efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and visibility to new levels

Our private wireless solution gives you a dedicated wireless network that provides its full capacity for your workers. You control which workers have access to the network and ensure that they get the right level of priority and performance.


Network can be tailored for specific industrial needs


A local network that is independently managed and easy to deploy


We register each sim card and device for maximum security & control

The results don't lie

weavix™ Private LTE Network

  • 46.3 Mbps Download
  • 14.3 Mbps Upload

Public LTE

  • 18.1 Mbps Download
  • 2.05 Mbps Upload

Advantages of the weavix™ network

  • Trailer based for unlimited access regardless of geography
  • Restrict and control users for a secure environment – non-public
  • LTE network with download speeds of 50mbps and upload speeds of 15mbps
  • No dead spots for easy transmission of data