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Mass Notifications

Real-time notifications in the most severe situations

Instant Emergency Notifications To Keep Your Workers Safe

In the event of an emergency, you need the ability to relay critical information to your entire team instantly. Not only does this protect your facility, but it also keeps your workforce safe. weavix™ pushes emergency mass notifications in an instant from anywhere in your facility.

Your entire workforce is informed on what’s going on and what the next steps are instantly from any weavix™ industrial communication device. Whether it’s a fire, power outages, severe weather or something more, keep your workforce safe and informed with mass notifications by weavix™.

Instant Notification for your Team

Real-Time Alerts & Information

Keep Your Workforce Safe

When Disaster Strikes, weavix™ Helps You Act

Mass notifications are paramount to keeping facilities safe during any emergency. With weavix™ in the hands of every worker, your crews stays informed, safe and confident in the most severe situations. No matter where they are in your facility, our mass notifications reach your workforce through any weavix™ device, whether sleeping or in-use, in an instant. Coordinate emergency response faster and more efficiently with emergency mass notifications by weavix™.

Connected When You Need It Most With Mass Notifications

weavix™ makes it possible to keep your workers connected at any time, even during an emergency. Our emergency alerts are designed to inform and advise your team from wherever they are in your facility from any of our digital devices. No matter the incident, weavix™ makes it easy to communicate with and coordinate your team to safety. Reach your team when it matters most with mass notifications by weavix™.