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Field Observations

Frontline voices become tomorrow's efficiencies

Give Your Worker A Voice

The frontline worker is the very first line of defense when it comes to safety risks and bottlenecks. Field Observations gives your workers the voice to report issues as they see them in real-time to mitigate unnecessary risks, prevent safety hazards and tear down time barriers to drive operational performance and safety efforts further.

Heads Up

Workers in the field can notify management of any potential safety issues or things that need attention.

Hold Up

Workers in the field can notify management of any issues that consume time or are causing delay.

Today's Voices Become Tomorrow Efficiencies

All field observations submitted through weavix™ are mapped and time-stamped for clarity. Workers can choose to submit their observation anonymously or add their contact information to gain the ability to attach comments to their submission. With categorization focused on safety and time, management can triage, assign response and close out observations quickly from the weavix™ web portal.