The Technology

A device and network alone can not digitally connect the workforce. The final component to achieving true workforce connectivity is integrating a platform that communicates and collaborates with the device.

The technology that digitally connects the workforce

The weavix™ platform provides real-time KPI’s, mobile & web dashboards, reports for confined space activity, workforce location and the ability to dispatch resources to the point of work.

Location and Activity Logs

  • Ability to see locations of all personnel in the facility in real-time
  • Playback feature allows you to see location history of people and assets
  • Create geofences for specific units or areas
  • Ability to filter by defined tags and user
  • Ability to filter by facility, object and company
  • View activity log of all employees that enter or exit a geofence
  • Set rules and alerts for restricted or permitted areas

Custom BI dashboards

Group KPI's with customizable dashboards

Custom BI data sources

Access to any data through SQL queries

Custom BI widgets

Ability to choose how you want to see your data