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Industry's First smart radio

walt™ is the first industry-ready, affordable smart radio that combines traditional push-to-talk with numerous text and voice communication capabilities resulting in revolutionary “Push-to-Radio”. Along with unseen video features and logistics in the industrial field, walt™ is the smart radio that every worker needs for unmatched communication and collaboration.

Budget Friendly Workforce Empowerment

walt™ eliminates the need for workers to wear multiple, cumbersome, non-integrated, and potentially distractive devices in one worker-friendly, comfortable and cost effective smart radio that your workers want to wear.

Built For The Industrial Frontline Worker

walt™ is the first Class 1 Div 2 Smart Radio for the frontline worker with an ergonomic, glove-friendly design. With a Gorilla Glass 3 screen that is superior scratch and damage resistant and ultra rugged form factor, walt™ was built for everyday heavy use.

Cost Free

The modular design of walt enables quick repair, refurbishment or replacement, all managed by weavix™ at no additional cost.

Communal Grab & Go

walts™ are universal and can be shared between workers on different shifts to control inventory needed.

Theft Deterrent

walts™ only work inside a facility geofence configured by the company, eliminating the impulse to steal.

Alerts & Notifications Light Bar
Glove Friendly Navigation Buttons
Front Camera (82 Degrees, 13 Megapixels)
Gorilla Glass 3 Screen

Key Features

120dB Speakers
Flashlight & Rear Camera
Quick Release Batteries
Klick Fast Body Mount System
Volume Knob

Klick Fast Body Mount System - Worker’s Choice

The Klick Fast Body Mount System is a redesigned mounting system that allows a worker to attach their walt on any part of their body for ease of wear and comfortability.