welcome to the new generation of

digital workforce connectivity

walt™ is a revolutionary and innovative workforce optimization personal device designed to increase safety, increase productivity and increase communication by connecting the entire workforce.

walt™ is an integral part of the weavix™ workforce optimization platform. walt™ provides greater data gathering capabilities and more sophisticated functionality than any other connected worker device on the market today.

Only Class 1, Div 2 device that connects to private LTE

Digital connectivity smart device
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connect everyone

In order to truly connect your workforce, you need a device for all personnel that:

  • Is Affordable
  • Has geofencing capabilities
  • Rugged, waterproof, intrinsically safe
  • Proprietary software designed for the worker
  • Allows integrations
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Provides custom hardware features
  • Connects to a proprietary network
  • Fetch & request resources
  • Traditional & digital communication
  • Hot spot capability


Eliminate radio chatter & increase communication through dedicated channel messaging, video & voice call capabilities, talk to text functionality, and English to Spanish translation


Verify all personnel entering the facility through personal 4-digit PIN codes & facial recognition


Ability to receive fetch requests from dispatch & request resources to the point of work


Ability to connect to public & private LTE, Wi-Fi and LoRa networks, provides a mobile hot spot and connectivity with any Bluetooth device


Know the location of all workforce personnel within 3 ‘ in real-time and time spent in specific areas through geofencing capabilities


Monitor individual worker atmospheric readings & biometrics through integrations & receive alerts of potential hazards & restricted areas