industrial grade private LTE coverage,


Our private wireless solution gives you a secure and dedicated wireless network that provides its full capacity for your workers. You control which workers have access to the network and ensure that they get the right level of priority and performance.

results don't lie

Our industrial grade private LTE network is miles ahead of public LTE in download and upload speeds.

weLTE network

  • 46.3 Mbps download
  • 14.3 Mbps upload

public LTE networks

  • 18.1 Mbps download
  • 2.05 Mbps upload


Protect your operations with built-in encryption & authentication capabilities


Avoid downtime with robust connectivity that keeps critical systems up & running


Extend ubiquitous connectivity across large facility sites, indoors & outdoors


Meet growing demands with consistently high data rates & low latency


Keep all workers connected & make sure they get full value from connected hardware