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Network Extender with remote video monitoring & gas detection

Confined Space Management - Redesigned

wilma™ is the weather-proof, non-invasive, flexible, innovative, compact & user-friendly monitoring assistant. By delivering digital connectivity inside the space and providing management full transparency of the who, what, where & when of a job, wilma™, consequently, ensures the safety of your workers. Live video or playback feed is viewable from any device at any time. In conclusion, wilma™ redesigns confined space management  with safety and ease of use as the utmost priority.

Key Features For The Industrial Field

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Advantages of a Decentralized Command Center

A decentralized command center can be viewed anywhere by anyone with user-level weavix™ permissions, unlike Most confined space monitoring systems require large infrastructures and high additional costs, however, wilma™ is portable 

Firstly, management can access real-time and archived data at anytime, from anywhere on any device.

Secondly, it equips personnel with the ability to make quicker, informed decisions.

As a result, various personnel can provide increased experience and knowledge without having to be on location.

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Live Video

Provides live video of manway & workers inside the space that can be viewed from anywhere on any mobile device.

Network Extender

Extends network connections, therefore providing a Wi-Fi hotspot for digital connectivity into confined or remote spaces.

Real-Time Gas Readings

View atmospheric readings from any device of entrants & confined spaces, along with the ability to set alert ranges for an unlimited number of different gases.

Noninvasive & Portable

Portable & noninvasive setup can be deployed by a single attendant in a matter of minutes for a short-term confined space, in addition to, a long-term turnaround project.

Digital Entry & Exit Logs

Compiles digital entry & exit logs in real time and keeps archived records that can be reviewed in case of issue or for historical information.

Mobile & Web Dashboards

Set specific KPIs and manage them via dashboards from any mobile device from anywhere on the globe.