remote & continuous

confined space monitoring

Increase confined space entrant safety by utilizing wilma™ as an extension of your existing confined space entry procedures.

wilma™ is a non-invasive, flexible, innovative, compact & user-friendly monitoring assistant designed to assist trained safety professionals, operators & technicians. wilma™ ensures the safety of your workers by delivering digital connectivity inside the space & providing management full transparency of the who, what, where & when of a job.

Unlike other confined space monitoring technology on the market, wilma™ can be set up by a single technician in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost without the need for elaborate and expensive control centers.

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features & benefits

Some of the features and benefits of utilizing wilma™

mobile & web dashboards

The air readings and live video feeds from wilma™ are displayed on the operator’s dashboard and management dashboards in real-time.


Continuous & remote monitoring of atmospheric & biometric readings for critical confined spaces and individuals


view live video of the manway & workers inside the confined space in real-time


Provides WiFi to workers inside a confined space to stay connected via video, voice, text & channel communication


Provides management with access to KPIs, dashboards and reports via mobile or web anytime, anywhere, any device