the weavix privacy pledge:

We understand that installing an app on your personal device can be unnerving. We pledge that we only collect the data required to ensure proper operation of the weavix™ platform while you are within an office or facility geofence.

privacy questions or concerns:

what we collect

  • Location tracking only collects data when inside a geofence of a participating company’s facility. The application stops reporting location when you leave the perimeter geofence of the office or facility.
  • Bluetooth activity to view beacons and other devices in close proximity only while on the grounds of the office or facility you are working at.

weavix privacy policy

covid-19 screening application

Our mission is to keep your work environment and employees safe and informed. PK Solutions LLC (generally referred to as “we” in this policy) will only use and share your data (references to “you” and “your” generally means the company/employer to which this policy is being addressed and may also mean, in the proper context, the individual employee of the company, or in some cases both) for the limited purposes described in this privacy policy. We do not now and will not provide any collected employee data to any third party unless specifically requested by you to do so or are required to do so by law.

This privacy policy describes our privacy practices in connection with the weavix™ application and relates to our COVID-19 information gathering, tracking and contact tracing features.

  • We have created weavix™ to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and prevent flare-ups after the peak. 
  • Our mission is to keep users safe and informed without compromising their personal information. 
  • We take protecting your location data seriously. We need accurate real-time location data and location history so that we can alert your employer if you may have had contact with somebody who has symptoms related to COVID-19. We will also provide data associated with problem areas where social distancing may not be occurring or other areas where there is high traffic. 
  • We will never sell your employees personal information or information relating to your business to third parties or share information with any governmental entity without your consent. 
  • We maintain the information we collect to support contact tracing – your Bluetooth data and COVID-19 screening information – in a confidential manner and this is not shared with anyone and this cannot be seen by any of our other weavix™ customers.

We may need to modify our privacy practices to comply with legal requirements, such as court orders or subpoenas, and we will advise you in advance if this becomes necessary and will give your employer a chance to respond before any data is disclosed.

  • We record the information we need to provide our services: Tracking COVID-19 related symptoms/screening questions and tracking if your employees have had contact with another co-employee who may be having symptoms associated with the virus. Exactly what information is gathered and how this is recorded is controlled by you (the company) and we will not collect data that does not meet these defined parameters. Not all of the features of the COVID-19 component may be used for every employer.
  • We involve as few third-party service providers as possible when touching data. The third parties we work with have contracts in place to prohibit improper accessing of, reuse or sale of data.
  • We limit access to data to a subset of our engineering team and support team. We have specific systems to control data access, and all access is logged and regularly audited. We perform a privacy review for all new features. 
  • We test the stability and security of our infrastructure, including testing and review of our security systems and their configuration. 
  • Our services are designed to inform your employer of any potential symptoms you may have related to COVID-19, as determined solely by your employer, and any potential contact you and your coworkers may have with the virus. It will also assist you and your employees in obtaining information about the potential spread of the virus at your place of employment.
  • Contact information: We use your email address and phone number to set up and validate your user account, to communicate with you, and to prevent abuse of the platform. 
  • Health information: Your employees will be required to share their health information based on the data points/questions that you (the company) require. 
  • User locations: We use your employee’s device’s GPS and Bluetooth signals to determine their location; we need to use both technologies to identify your proximity to other users within your immediate area, based on the specific parameters your employer defines, and to fully communicate with installed Bluetooth beacons, if any. 
  • User activity: We aggregate user activity data (like how you interact with the app, what times you use the app, where you use the app, what kind of device you have, etc.) for analysis to improve your user experience.

We will share your data with a cloud service provider: Amazon Web Services. We only partner with service providers that commit to use the information only to provide services to or on behalf of us. Your data is also shared with those at our company that are software engineers and support personnel, and then only those that must have access to maintain or improve the application or support you or your employer.

We will alert the designated company representative(s) (as selected by your employer) of (1) the results of your passive screening questionnaire and (2) other company users who were within nearby proximity of any other user during the preceding time that is selected by your employer. None of these users will see a location on the map where the any contact may have occurred, and this will be protected using the privacy standards of your employer. While this information may identify an individual employee, how you (the company) choose to use the information will be subject to your employment policies. We are not responsible for taking any action other than displaying the data for your review.

Further, we are not responsible for determining how you (the company) will establish employment policies relative to what happens with the collected data.

We may also share personal information (a) with law enforcement as required by state or local law, (b) as otherwise required by law, (c) to enforce the terms and conditions that govern the platform, (d) and protect, investigate and deter against fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, unethical or illegal activity.

We will retain your employees GPS and Bluetooth data, answers to health status questionnaires and identity verification information for the number of days that you (the company) designate, and all other personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.
We use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures designed to protect against unauthorized access, misuse, loss, disclosure, alteration and destruction of personal information we maintain. Unfortunately, data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed as completely secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee the complete security of all personal information. In the event that we are required to notify you about a situation involving company data or your employee’s data, we may do so by email or telephone to the extent permitted by law.

The information below describes how we currently collect and use personal information. We do not sell personal information for any reason. We only engage in: Directed disclosures. When your employees use our COVID-19 information, tracking and contact tracing features, you (the company) directs us to share some of your employees information with the company in order for us to inform you (the company) that (1) they (the employee) may have questionnaire answers that give rise to further action and (2) they (the employee) may have been in close proximity to another person who may be suffering from the COVID-19 virus.

Personal information we collect

  • Email address and phone number
  • Sources of personal information: company users, automatically collected
  • Business / commercial purposes for which we may collect and use personal information: To register user accounts, to verify identity and diagnosis, to provide our services
  • Data sharing: Directed disclosures to employer to assist in COVID-19 response efforts.

Location information: 

  • Geolocation data 
  • Sources of personal information: company users, automatically collected 
  • Business / commercial purposes for which we may collect and use personal information: To provide our services to your employer 
  • Data sharing: Directed disclosures to your employer to assist in COVID-19 response efforts.

Health information: 

  • Personal information and protected classification characteristics that are provided. This is in response to questionnaires/forms that are used to collect company required data relating to your health. 
  • Sources of personal information: company users 
  • Business / commercial purposes for which we may collect and use personal information: To provide our services 
  • Data sharing: Directed disclosures to employer to assist in COVID-19 response efforts.

Email interconnectivity, mobile devices, web logs, online activity: 

  • Online identifiers, internet or network information, geolocation data 
  • Sources of personal information: Automatically collected 
  • Business / commercial purposes for which we may collect and use personal information: To provide our services, to identify you when you use our app, for internal administrative purposes of your employer to conduct analytics 
  • Data sharing: Directed disclosures to employer to assist in COVID-19 response efforts.

Support of our application: 

  • Identifiers 
  • Sources of personal information: company users 
  • Business / commercial purposes for which we may collect and use personal information: To provide our services, to respond to your inquiries, to conduct analytics, for internal administrative purposes 
  • Data sharing: N/A

This Privacy Policy is subject to occasional revision. We will notify you of any material changes in its collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information by posting a notice on the weavix website and within the COVID-19 application.